We are a living lab.

We are researchers who work with communities to co-define problems and co-create pathways to socially just and ecologically sustainable transitions.

Please bear with us, our website is still under construction.

We identify and mobilize pathways to sustainability transitions.

Net Zero Lab explores what socially just and ecologically sustainable futures could look like.

The work we do is social, political, ecological, and decolonial.

We co-create transition pathways that aim to address the global crises humanity faces and believe climate change presents us all with unique opportunities to transform ourselves and the systems we are part of.

We don’t do this work for anyone, we do this with everyone, because we believe in the power of collaboration.





We build relationships first and projects last.

We take time to build trust with the people we partner with.

We build that trust so that we can all bravely embrace the idea of acting urgently but without rushing.

We suspend the urge to sprint into solution-mode and instead we hold space for the emergent.

We trust this process completely.

It is only once that trust is shared by all of us that we can all start to move forwards, together.





We experiment and document.

We work in experimental ways with real people in the real world. We co-learn to build capacity in our teams and then we openly share our findings.

We regularly publish articles about our processes on open source platforms and in peer reviewed academic journals.We do this to increase the visibility of these experimental approaches and to build people’s confidence in participating in them.






We involve everyone in the work we do

We immerse ourselves into communities and invite everyone to join in.

This whole of system approach aims to bring in perspectives from every part of the community.

We believe in the power of participation, when we come together we do this in a lot of different ways. At the moment we are finding new ways to connect with people to continue co-researching and co-creating in low contact ways.

It might be a while before we are able to hold circles like this one again, but that doesn't mean the work stops.



We do more than understand complexity, we embrace it.

We are agile, critical, relational, systems thinkers, because complex problems are ever-changing, so too are the ways we think about them.

We respond to complex adaptive systems by working cyclically to continually reflect, learn and adapt our approach to them.

We use academically rigorous and creative processes, paired with world-leading systems analysis tools.


We share radical hope for the future.

We amplify the good we see in the world whilst trying to mitigate the bad.

We believe that other kinds of worlds are possible and we co-create pathways to those possibilities.

We hold space for this and trust that multiple possibilities will emerge.

Hope doesn’t pay the bills, so we are also seeking suitable funding partners who are interested in supporting and participating in transitions projects.