Our team of experienced facilitators can run workshops in person and online and have experience facilitating workshops for co-design, co-research, community engagement, open space events, skillshares and masterclasses. To accomodate for social distancing requirements we also offer a self-facilitated 'workshop in a box' that can be customised to your needs. Our facilitation style is warm and friendly and we always aim to create safe spaces for participation.

Regenerative approach
We use co-creation and regenerative cultural practices that encourage creativity and help to develop open and adaptive mindsets. We meet people where they are and bring them with us at every step of the way.

Flattening hierarchies
Our approach is always conscious of the power dynamics in the room. We work to flatten hierarchies through generative processes that engage people in multiple ways.

Consensus processes
We understand that when lots of people work together decision making can get messy. We work with principles from sociocracy to gain consensus that a decision feels 'good enough for now and safe enough to try'. This allows us to move towards larger goals without getting stuck at every twist and turn along the way.