Our research

Our research

The research team at Net Zero Lab share a range of research interests that often overlap and intersect. The core goal of all our research is building sustainable futures. Our past research has investigated what it means to be sustainable in different professions, including design, education, farming, and fashion. We have also conducted research on particular social issues such as consumption and waste, sustainability education, peace building, and food security, with projects centring on interventions that contribute to systems transitions.


Current research includes

The role of transparency and trust in building and replicating small local food networks.

The suitability of regenerative farming for Australian contexts and climates: a study of farming futures.

Creating circular economies for waste that encourage alternative approaches to consumption.

A study of citizen participation programs for remaking waste.

Educational games in Australia and Nepal, how does playing and learning differ between cultures?

Community design games: exploring generative co-creation processes.


If you are interested in participating in any of these project please contact us to discuss the different ways to get involved. Or register your interest in one of our upcoming workshops.



Our recent publications


Dr Niki Wallace

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