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Net Zero Lab has a number of community events planned for 2021 that have been designed to accomodate for uncertain futures. Some will be conducted through small group sessions, some are available online, and participation will also be possible through our workshop-in-a-box process where a self-facilitated workshop is boxed up and moves between participants, pass the parcel style. You can register your interest in an upcoming event using the forms below.

Additional workshops and seminar dates will be live soon.

change is coming

change is coming

Food Futures

The Fleurieu is home to rich productive land but our high exports put us at risk of becoming a food desert. Our food system is complex and we need to adapt to the changing ecological conditions that can impact it. What would a sustainable food system in the Fleurieu look like? From farming, food production, processing and packaging, to distribution, consumption, end products and waste, there are endless opportunities!

Are you interested in food and food production in the Fleurieu region?
Sign up to explore and discover the food system through our workshops-in-a-box. Each box has different activities and games to play that help us explore the food system today and imagine it into the future.

We also offer a digital version of the games, let us know which version you'd prefer to participate in on the form.

Who? Farmers, educators, students, gardeners, businesses and innovators, community members, industry experts and any concerned citizens.
Why? To explore collectively, integrate all perspectives to build a deeper understand of the food system and how to increase food security.
When? Available at any time (this process will remain open until mid 2021)
Where? Do the activities in the comfort of your home! Workshop boxes can be collected (and returned) from local council offices. Other assigned drop points are also available throughout the Fleurieu Peninsula, we will advise of your nearest point upon sign up. Delivery can be arranged for those with access or mobility issues.

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Designing for complexity & transitions

Humanity is facing a number of global crises and designers have unique sets of skills and ways of thinking that could be focussed on creating pathways to sustainability transitions. This introductory workshop will introduce you to some of the overarching the concepts of complexity and transitions and will get you thinking about the kind of impact you could create. This session caters specifically for those who are interested in shifting their focus from making things to making things happen!

Who? Designers, design educators and design/brand managers.
Why? To co-learn the concepts and principles of designing for transitions and to practice seeing and mapping systems.
When? 6-8pm (ACST) May 10-13 2021
Where? This is an online workshop.

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Sustainable lifestyle planning

Are you looking for more tips and hints to help reduce your footprint and create the kind of lifestyle that treads lightly? Learn what it means to go zero waste and explore what low carbon living looks like. Get some tips and hints on how to prepare for challenges like plastic free July and learn some planning techniques that will help you create a sustainable lifestyle that's easy to manage long term.

Who? Anyone interested in zero waste or low carbon living.
Why? To co-learn more sustainable modes for modern life.
When? 2021 dates TBA
Where? Marche, Pultney St, Adelaide


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Please register via Red Star events.

**We will notify of registration availability closer to the revised workshop dates.